Clinic Tour

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Lobby of Reynolda Veterinary Hospital


Our lobby is pet and child friendly! The children love playing at the train table.
Front Desk in the Lobby


Our bright and sunny reception area is a comfortable space for clients and pets, providing access to a variety of pet products as well as informational brochures and magazines for clients to enjoy as their information is processed by our friendly staff.
One of the exam rooms where your pet may be seen.

Exam Room

The bright, modern exam rooms at Reynolda Veterinary Hospital contain a new videoscope which allows owners to see what the doctors see's when viewing ears, eyes, and teeth.

Dental Prophy

The technician uses an ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar and plaque from each tooth. Then the teeth will be polished and given a fluoride treatment.

Dental Radiograph


With the help of a tiny camera with an irrigation system, we can safely flush the deep ear canals.
Operating room with all of the necessary equipment for surgery.

The Operating Room

The operating room is equipped with a modern E.K.G. pulse oximetry, capnometry, and blood pressure monitoring equipment to make sure your pet's procedure goes as safely and smoothly as possible. We perform a wide array of soft tissue surgeries and many orthopedic procedures, such as cruciate ligament repairs.
In-house laboratory equipment.


Our in-house laboratory testing enables us to get a swift diagnosis for our critical patients. Our highly trained veterinary technicians can run a full blood chemistry panel, a complete blood count (CBC) and electrolyte levels in a matter of minutes. Routine preoperative bloodwork is highly recommended for any patient undergoing anesthesia and can be run right here. We routinely test for common diseases like heartworms, intestinal parasites, and feline retroviruses.


Many of you know our building was once a bank and the vault, with its 18 inches of concrete and rebar, sure comes in handy for our radiology suite.
Cat in the feline boarding area.

Cat Boarding

Our feline guests love to sit in the sunshine and watch the cars go by. They are up front away from the barking dogs, to keep them more comfortable during their stay with us.
Dog in the canine boarding area

Dog Boarding

The next time you go on vacation, let your pet be pampered at Reynolda Vet. In addition to our standard morning and evening walks, our "Resort Package" includes a daily brushing, an extra playtime, and a lambswool mat.
Dog in the canine boarding area

Dog Boarding

We keep our boarding numbers low to reduce stressful noise and allow for more interaction - so make your reservation early!
Dr. Taylor removing skin sutures from a ball python


Dr. Taylor loves the challenges of treating exotic animals like reptiles, rabbits, ferrets,and more. Here he is removing skin sutures from a ball python after surgically treating an abscess.
Client receiving their prescription medicine through the drive-thru window.

Drive-Thru Services

In a hurry? Whether your toddler is asleep in the car or you're on your way to a meeting, our drive-thru services are a convenient way to take good care of your pet. We provide drive-thru pick up of prescription medication and nutritional products. Also, we will gladly escort your pet into the building from the covered drive-thru drop-off lane. In order for us to best meet the needs of you and your pet, please call ahead.